About this object

Iconographic meaning

According to Farrand (p.393 or 399) this could be the "Flying Goose" or "Lightning" pattern of the Lower Thompson area.

Physical description

Part (a) Large rectangular coiled basket (bifurcated stitches) with coiled handles and lid, part (b). Parallel base and lid construction, reinforced by cross-stitches along end edges. Fully imbricated with cat-tail grass (?) and horizontal design of three bands, two cherry bark and middle one dark cherry bark, which dip into a large 'v' on all sides. Coiled handles over rawhide on each short side. Flanged lid with coiled handle at center is imbricated along rim in red cherry bark and cat-tail grass (?), and fully beaded in alternating rows of red and dark cherry bark separated by two rows of cat-tail grass (?).