Storage Basket

About this object

History of use

This basket is a storage basket. It is made in an older style with rounded edges near the rim. The presence of a foot on the bottom of the basket is a device which prolongs the life of the basket, since it protects the bottom from abrasion.


According to the accession files this is one of several baskets collected by the previous owner's mother, circa 1900. He notes that her baskets were acquired in the Fraser River area, near the towns of Ashcroft, Lytton and Agassiz.

Cultural context

basketry; storage

Iconographic meaning

This basket features an arrowhead design arranged in vertical rows.

Physical description

Storage basket with foot on base, and handles. The basket is made with a cedar root splint foundation and coiled cedar root. It is decorated with imbrication in cat-tail grass as well as red and black cherry bark. Cedar root slats for flange and foot. Slat foot and top edge of coil trimmed with black and red cherry bark and cat-tail grass imbrication. The design consists of vertical bands of black triangles on off-white with red borders on the sides, and groups of five black squares assembled in lines on the top of the lid with a row of groups of two black squares at either end. One row of beading along top edge and bottom foot. The lid currently on the basket may not be original to this basket? (Lid # A6708).