n'oo'o (Basket)

About this object

History of use

Basketry filled a vital need as containers for storage domestic use and transportation of goods. Some had multiple uses; others were made for specific functions. After European contact, used for trade and sale items. Forms have been altered to meet European tastes. Basketry making was and is a women's art.

Cultural context

domestic storage; cooking; transport

Specific techniques

Birch bark was cut to size, steamed, folded and sewn at corners. Wood rim is lashed with spruce root, outside scraped to decorate.

Physical description

Oval shaped birch bark basket at rim tapering to a square base. Decorative design covers entire exterior surface, except bottom. Design consists of a series of three horizontal repeated motifs of alternating dark brown waves and lines with light brown scraped waves and lines. The sewn side seams form an inverted "y" shape. Seams secured by spruce root stitches. Red and yellow fiber is woven through top of lashed rim--only traces remain.