About this object


Inscription on reverse: 九谷、武山作 (Kutani, made by Buzan). Fukushima Buzan (福島武山) (b. 1944) is a ceramic artist from Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. He is the leading figure in making akaesaibyō style Kutani ware.

Specific techniques

The ceramic tie holder is in the style known as Kutani yaki (九谷焼), which was first practiced in Kutani in the seventeenth century. The particular painting technique is called akaesaibyō (赤絵細描) or “fine patterns in red” where gold dust is applied to a detailed design in red.

Physical description

Fabric loop neck tie with a ceramic holder (made by Fukushima Buzan). Green braided string, knotted at the frayed ends. The tie holder is a nearly oval ceramic piece, with a straight edge on the top and bottom, painted in a pattern of red and gold on a white surface. On the back is a gold-coloured metal attachment that holds the two strands of the tie in place. The artist's signature is painted on the back.