Physical description

Part (a) Cylindrical coiled cedar root basket (bifurcated stitches) with double loop border, short foot and lid, part (b). Watch-spring base and lid construction. Imbricated design of three rows of diamonds alternating in checkerboard colour configuration between dark cherry bark outline with cat-tail grass (?), red cherry bark, cat-tail grass (?), and dark cherry bark center; and the reverse colours outlined in red cherry bark and at center between cat-tail grass (?) and dark cherry bark. Lid has half triangular shapes around rim then four full diamond shapes in alternating checkerboard colour configuration, then two rows of staggered triangular shapes in same colour combination. Coil handle at center has broken off. Foot has two stitches of beading alternating between dark and red cherry bark, at intervals. Bottom of basket is also imbricated with checkerboard triangular design in two alternating rows.