About this object

History of use

Iro tomesode (色留袖, coloured tomesode), a style of formal kimono. Tomesode has short sleeves and patterns below the waist line, usually on the lower part of the garment, and has family crests or kamon (家紋). Iro tomesode used to be worn only by married women. Some tomesode such as this one have padded hems and sleeves known as fuki (袘). Worn by married and unmarried women on formal occasions such as weddings.

Physical description

Deep blue kimono (着物) with wide, short sleeves and centre opening. The lower half of the kimono is embroidered with cherry blossoms, pine trees and bamboo in gold, white and pink on a deep blue ground. The upper half has a single gold flower on either side of the opening. The inside lining is red and padded with cotton known as fuki (袘). It has five family crests or kamon (家紋) in the shape of sekichiku flowers (China pink/Dianthus chinensis) known as sekichiku (石竹).