tluu (Model Canoe)

Physical description

Model wood canoe with three seats inside and an exterior decorated with abstract motifs in red and black. All three seats are painted red, except for one outer seat which is plain in the middle while the other outer seat has a hole in the middle. The rim of the canoe is painted red. Both sides of the canoe are painted symmetrically. One end has a circular black eye surrounded by a tapering oval and a horizontal dashed area with a black brow above. Below this eye, there is a long red nostril. Behind this eye, there is a black paw with three digits and a circle in circle within. Below all of this, there is a red line section with a pair of red and black dashed split u's and a black oval in tapering oval in ovoid eye with a sideways black split u within a larger red u form above at the back. The other end has a black ovoid in ovoid in a red one from which two elongated sideways pointed red u forms extend outward. Behind this, there is a black oval in a tapering oval in a red ovoid with a u form underneath that has a plain oval within. Below all of this, there is a black split u with red underneath. A horizontal, black rectangular panel is in between both ends.