Physical description

Argillite dish with a raised carving in the centre, of the "Clamshell Origin of Man" imagery, and two dimensional imagery of Wasgo (sea-wolf) holding a whale. The central clamshell holds nine side-by-side human faces. The central clamshell has a pair of ovoid-in-tapering-oval eyes, a beak-like feature, and a mouth-like feature. Wasgo has an ovoid-in-tapering-oval eye form; another elongated eye form behind with a three digit claw below; a thicker eye form with a three digit claw behind, and a curving tail. The whale has a circle-in-ovoid-in-tapering-oval eye; a split u and a pair of u forms along the side fin; a spine, a dorsal fin; and an ovoid tail. The rim has-- nineteen triangular bone inlay pieces.