kihlgii sk’aangwaay (Staff)

Physical description

Carved dark brown wood staff inlaid with abalone shell pieces depicting a human figure and a beaver head, a whale, and a composite figure (from the bottom to the top). Beaver head at the bottom has circular abalone shell inlaid eyes surrounded by a carved tapering oval with brows above, inverted u form ears, inward curling nostrils, and an open mouth showing twelve plain teeth with four front buck teeth. The human figure above has circle in tapering oval eyes, a nose, and a mouth and is standing tall with a pole in front of him. The whale throughout the central portion has ovoid abalone shell inlaid eyes surrounded by a tapering oval in an ovoid, an open mouth showing twenty-four plain teeth, and is decorated with split u's and ovoids along with six abalone shell inlaid pieces and two more as eye shapes. The composite figure at the top has ovoid in tapering oval eyes, a flat nose, a wide open mouth, and a tail.