RED: A Haida Manga

About this object


From the artist: "RED is the tragic story about a young girl named Jaada and her brother Red. They live together in a village on the west coast of Haida Gwaii. One night, pirates sneak into the village! Red calls out the alarm and everyone flees, but Jaada is captured. Years pass, and Red becomes a chief. He begins to search for his sister..."

Specific techniques

The paper panels are made of Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper (100% cotton).

Physical description

Haida manga watercolour and ink painting. The painting is comprised of 18 separate, multi-coloured, story panels. Each panel shows several scenes in the story, in order, starting at the upper left corner. When all the panels are hung together in a rectangular configuration (6 panels wide x 3 high) they also form a larger image, united by a thick, black, painted line. (From the upper left corner of the image, l-r: parts a-f; middle row, l-r: parts g-l; lower row, l-r: parts m-r.) The artist signed each panel on the back and sketched out where it fits in the configuration.