Dark Sky

About this object


The artist stated that Dark Sky is a rotational work, best mounted so as to be rotated, and thus permit "observers to see the four primary but shifting horizons". The painting was made on a specially manufactured table that allowed the work to be rotated around to any angle/with any side up.

Specific techniques

Painting in ink and acrylic on Kozo Washi (mulberry paper). The paper was handmade in western Japan and provided to the artist by Ozo Washi.

Physical description

Large, unframed painting on a rectangular piece of handmade "washi" paper. Painting depicts a craterous landscape of oil barrels with groups of red pipelines and rivers of black snaking through. Bursts of yellow extend from some of the barrels while others have drawings of fish, humanoid faces or other creatures on the lid. The background is a solid black sky. Signed in the bottom right corner.