About this object

Cultural context

Contemporary art.

Physical description

Poster depicting Vishnu, Ganga and Bhagirath against a background of snow-covered mountains. The head of Vishnu is at the top next to a temple. He has a figure in the top of his head: a crescent moon, a snake, and a diamond-shaped mark between his eyebrows with three white lines on either side. In the centre of the poster is the goddess Ganga seated on a lotus leaf on the back of a crocodile. She wears a red sari and a jeweled headdress. She has four arms with bracelets, one holding a string of white beads, one holding a boon pose, a third holding a jeweled bowl, and the fourth a lotus bloom. The seated male figure, the sage Bhagirath, has black hair and a beard, yellow pants, and a red scarf. His hands are held palm to palm in front of his chest.