amiri (Robe)

About this object

History of use

Mid-layer wedding dress, or robe.


Made by Durma Sergeevna Khodzher, the mother of the woman who sold it in 1992, Violetta Khodzher. The salmon skin robe itself may date to the early 1900s, and was probably simpler at first with decorations only at the neck and hem. The small embroidery on the back would have been added later, in the 1920-30s. The style of the finished robe is mid 20th century, as earlier robes were all fish skin and later robes were all fabric. The metal ornaments normally held meaning about the age and status of the wearer.

Physical description

Salmon skin robe with applique embroidery. Tan-coloured skin with fabric black edging around the neck and down the side closure. The edging is decorated with a green band and thin red trim. The neck and sides are fastened with small, green, plastic buttons. The yellow band at the hem is decorated with numerous small, flat bronze or brass metal decorations sewn on. Multi-coloured, geometric appliques on white fabric have been sewn across the entire back and down both sides. The black cowl and shoulders of the coat have silk embroidery in curving patterns. The skin cuffs are painted blue. The inside is lined with flannel and floral patterned fabrics.