About this object

History of use

Basketry filled a vital need as containers for storage domestic use and transportation of goods. Some had multiple uses; others were made for specific functions. After European contact, used for trade and sale items. Forms have been altered to meet European tastes. Basketry making was and is a women's art.

Cultural context

domestic storage; cooking; transport

Specific techniques

Technique used on base is simple plaiting with no decorative elements. Walls are also simple plaiting but with every fourth warp being substituted by a brown-black strand. Six warps are substituted in this manner. Rim is created by warp ends being placed against a reinforcing bundle and secured with a wrapping and a single row of 2 ply s-twist twining.

Physical description

Cedar bark cylindrical basket with a square base. Design consists of six horizontal single strand brown-black bands. Basket walls flare slightly from base. The rim with a braided edge is reinforced with bundle and wrapped with cedar bark.