Storage Basket

About this object

Cultural context

storage; basketry

Iconographic meaning

The old catalogue card lists this basket as having a wave design.

Physical description

Basket with interlocking coiled work, bifurcated stitches, and parallel slat base and lid construction. Flange at rim to fit lid. The lid is convex, and hinged to the basket with buckskin. Buckskin ties at front. Decorated with imbrication and beading. Partial imbrication in a continuous design. Two horizontal wide bands of a 'flying goose' design (zig-zag with flat bottoms and tops), alternating in white cat-tail grass (?) and red and black-dyed cherry bark. Upper and lower band are connected. The upper row is continued on the sides of the lid, and the sequence of red and black are reversed from lower band. Lid has a series of parallel beaded short bands in black cherry bark and cat-tail grass (?) , alternating with bands of with red cherry bark with cat-tail grass (?). Handles on each side, one with string tied to it, the other with red thread.