About this object

History of use

Agoutis are tropical rainforest rodents that have very sharp, strong teeth. Their teeth are used as a chisel for making the nock at the end of arrows. To make this tool, the agouti teeth have been attached to short pieces of cane using thin, strong vines wound around one end of the teeth and an end of the cane handle that's notched with a "V". Heated tree resin is used to firmly a fix the tooth to the cane by protecting and preserving the wound thread (vine).

Physical description

Agouti tooth chisels. Cane wood makes up the shaft of the chisels, with wrapped vine thread and tree resin used to secure the teeth. The agouti rodent teeth are very sharp, strong, thin and slightly curved, coloured a light orange.The two chisels are attached by cord tied around and indentation at the ends.