Clayoquot Wildman

About this object

Cultural context

contemporary art

Physical description

Clayoquot wild man face mask that has fur nailed and glued to the upper rim and to the protruding eyebrow ridge, end fur on eyebrows melds with the fur on the rim. Three semi-circular grooves on the forehead. Two shorter grooves extend from the upper rim to the eyebrow ridge. Hollow semi-oval eyes. Three semi-circular grooves on each cheek. Hook nose with black nostrils. Light wash of green paint on the forehead, the eye area, the cheek, and the nose. Mouth protrudes in a pursed-like shape with black lips. Pointed upturned chin. On the reverse, there are two metal 'eyes' screwed at eye level while a leather strip is tied to one eye. Signed 'Clayoquot Wildman J. David 80'.