Kingcome Thunderbird

About this object


Ben Dick was commonly known by the name Blackie.

Physical description

Painting of a Thunderbird. Shows a bird in profile and facing to the right side. The brown eyes are surrounded bya green area with a turquoise split u behind. The orange beak has red lips and a curling tongue with a white s-shape above and a white split u behind. The body has a central brown ovoid surrounded by an orange area outlined by green. Sideways red u forms are along the belly. Elongated brown shapes extend around the back. The outstretched wings have brown u forms along the top. The upper wing has three feathers with red dorsal-fin-like projections along the top side. The two outer feathers of the top wing each have a turquoise s-shape, a red L-shape, a turquoise and green ovoid, and a white s-shape outlined by brown. The inner feather of the top wing has a turquoise, then a brown, and then a red u form. The lower wing has four feathers. The two outer feathers of the lower wing each have two green u forms, two red u forms, and a white s-shape outlined by brown. The two inner feathers of the lower wing each have a split u with the innermost feather having a turquoise u form while the outermost feather has a brown one. The three-feathered tail has two outer feathers that each have elongated brown shapes along the side, a green u form, anda white s-shape outlined by brown. The middle tail feather has a turquoise u form, a green u form, and a red tip. The three digit claws that have central red ovoids are at either side with the front claw more open than the back claw. On the front, in blue ink, at the bottom right corner, there reads 'B. Dick'. Title on back in blue ink. The painting is on a horizontally rectangular, light yellow paper piece from a spiral book.