About this object


Ben Dick was commonly known by the name Blackie.

Physical description

Codfish in profile and facing to the left side. Black circle in circle eyes are looking backward and is surrounded by a dark blue area. Three sets of upside down red u forms with brown dorsal-fin-like shapes above are on the head. Red nostrils and mouth show black fangs. with sideways red and black u forms behind the mouth. The body has sideways brown u forms. The back has six sets of the same as the head. The belly or the side fin has a brown ovoid outlined by red and two sideways split u's. The tail has a frontal face with black circle in oval in oval eyes surrounded by a green area with brown below and black brows above. Brown nose and red mouth show brown outlined teeth. Three red and brown feather-like shapes above the face. Blue ink signature at the bottom right corner reads 'B. Dick'. The other side reads 'Cod'. The painting is on a horizontally rectangular, light yellow paper piece from a spiral book.