Physical description

Book with various monthly activities illustrated in pink, green and brown. Covers are made from grass cloth. Book opens like an accordion, with one side having blank pages, and the other with illustrations. January No. 1 depicts people walking on a street carrying buckets, boxes, bags, and musical instruments with a gate in the upper right corner. February No. 2 depicts adults facing four banners or lanterns with four children at a large drum on the left, four more children carrying banners, and lanterns on the right. March No. 3 depicts people in a joyful march along a link of trees with pink blossoms. April No. 4 depicts children handing things to adults from a platform which has a waterwell with a statue. May No. 5 depicts men coming around a gate with one blowing a conch shell on the left side, and three chilren holding braided fibres along a water bank on the right side.
June No. 6 depicts men doing burning near a shoreline along the upper corners, and people at a flower market along the lower corners with a diagonal line separating the two images. [July] No. 7 depicts three images: 1) Two men, and a lantern on the right side, 2) Lanterns blowing in the wind throughout a town on the top left side, and 3) Children holding hands in a circle onthe bottom left side.
August No. 8 depicts an elderly man standing, and a woman kneeling at a table with fruit on the left side, and people standing on the balcony of a building overlooking a town on the right side. September No. 9 depicts people around the statue of a big bird. October No. 10 depicts people having a feast on the floor. November No. 11 depicts the upper portion of a building along the upper corners, and people in a line at a booth on the right side along the lower corners with a zig zag line separating the two images. December No. 12 depicts people making, and selling food at a market.