About this object

History of use

Personal records of early designs.

Cultural context

contemporary art

Physical description

Two spoon shaped designs on transparent paper, glued horizontally onto larger heavier paper in opposite directions. Top design extends over edge on right. Top spoon has distributive animalistic design: eye ovoid containing pointed eyelid lines; semi-circular nostril above wide mouth with teeth; three curved claws above and to right of eye ovoid. On support paper beneath crease, small case 'a' in circle in ink. Bottom spoon design is similar to top design. On support paper, small case 'b' in circle in ink at side on right. Staining over majority of designs and support paper. Hole in upper corner on left; "s-3" written in ink at upper corner on right; creasing at corners. On reverse, in ink, "Mr. McMillan, 900 West Pender; in pencil 1517 Laurier......"; remaining words illegible.