About this object

History of use

Personal records of early designs.

Cultural context

contemporary art

Physical description

Two circular images on larger heavier paper. First image, on transparent paper glued to centre of support paper, expansive beaver(?) design with split u form ears above pointed eyelid lines in eye ovoid; rectangular protrusion between eyes; wide mouth with teeth, tongue protrudes; foreleg claws beneath mouth; hind leg claws pointing outwards above ears; tail at top centre of circle. Residual cellulose tape image of profile wolf to right of beaver design. Wolf has split u form ear above pointed eyelid lines in eye ovoid; curled snout; bared teeth; curled fore and hind leg claws in front of chest; curled tail. Hole in upper corner. "Mrs. Ross Anderson, 151 Rochester Ave., Toronto" written on left in pencil. "M-9" written in upper corner on right. On reverse, numerical sums.