kwelmexwus (Basket)

About this object


Diane Billy was one of the students in a class on basket making taught by Margaret Lester at the Pemberton Museum in 1989. There were five students who lived together in an old house for the duration of the course and learned basket making Monday - Friday from nine to four between the months of May and October. Several of the baskets in the Fouberg donation came from this class. The Foubergs were involved with programming at the Pemberton Museum. Diane also made a cradle while she took this course, it was purchased by a couple from Fiji.

Cultural context

basketry; contemporary art; tourist art

Physical description

Small, round, coiled cedar root basket with overcast handle. Handle forks into two, on each side, above rim of basket. Braided trim is used to finish the rim of the basket on either side of the handles. Watch-spring coiled foundation and wood slat walls. Red cherry bark beading along top edge, and red cherry bark and white canary grass imbricated designs decorate basket.