About this object

History of use

In Huaras there were two types of hats that appeared with equal frequency. This brown felt hat and a similarly shaped straw hat were the two most common. The shape and style of banding are what makes this hat typical of Huaras.


Purchased on June 25, 1978 in the Huaras Indian market from a woman named Maria selling hats on the street. Maria did not live in Huaras, but came from higher surrounding areas. She did not make the hat, but did attach the flower shaped band on it. This band was commonly seen on both the straw and felt hats that were typical of Huaras.

Cultural context

worn by women

Physical description

A woman's brown fedora-like felt hat with a stiff, straight brim and a brown ribbon hatband with a floral-shaped bow. A brown ribbon trim runs along the brim.