Whale Mask

About this object


Worn in 1918 by Charlie George. The additional fin is to demonstrate the skill of the carver, to distinguish this piece from the work of others. Originally there were two of these (C. George, 1966). This was a Cranmer family mask.

Physical description

Whale body with two dorsal fins, pectoral fins, a tail, and jaw that are all movable. A ridge extends up and over the nose and head from the lips. All fins are covered with designs in white, red and green. The double dorsal fins each have an oval hole at the centre. The body of the mask is painted black with white, red, and blue designs, including a scalloped design that extends from the mouth over the head to behind the dorsal fins. The face is blue around the eyes, withe and black above and below the red nostrils, the lips are red, and there are white crescent-shaped design elements beside the corners of the mouth. The tail has a painted face design.