Scroll Painting

Physical description

A long scrolled painting sewn onto a cotton cloth lashed to a piece of bamboo handle at the top while the bottom simply has a bamboo handle. When rolled, the cloth acts as cover for the scroll. Multiple rectangles of paper have been stitched together sequentially and painted with scenes each arranged vertically and separated by a foliated border in light green, red, yellow, and black, which also appears on the sides of the scroll. Background is painted light blue. From top to bottom: A large sitting multiple-armed figure with a person at either side; a sitting man wearing blue clothing and holding a club with a sitting woman holding a child in front of him and having twelve women behind her; three people on either side of a column; four people carrying a trapezoid-shaped carrying box with a woman behind while there are two drummers (?) ahead and a close-up view (?) of inside the carrying box that has a sitting woman watching over a person laid down; two people entreating (?) to a man holding clubs and a group of people praying (?) over a person laid down while a bird flies over a corner with three isolated women (the same ?) over a person laid down in a stream and down along the way having a fisherman, a kneeling person, a set of animals, two people, and two more people; a sitting three-headed figure that has a multiple-armed figure at each side with a standing multiple-armed figure being entreated (?) to by three people; one double person boat with six one person boats; and a large sitting figure that has multiple arms and is wearing red clothing surrounded by many genuflecting (?) people.