Physical description

A rounded circular piece of pottery which is convex on the outer side. 'Sara' ritual painting on clay, of Durga. In the centre, there is a female figure painted yellow with ten arms, a blue and white headdress, pink clothes, and a white necklace. At either sides of her, there are two female figures, one of which is wearing green clothes while the other is wearing blue clothes, and both of which are wearing pink sashes and a white necklace. In front of her, there is a sitting female figure painted yellow with pink clothes, and a white necklace, a yellow horse-like creature, a male painted green with a yellow lower garment, and an elephant-like figure wearing yellow clothes, and a pink sash. This central image is outlined with pink, yellow, blue, white, black, and pink lines, at the top of which there is a female face which has holes at either sides for hanging. Separated by black, white, and pink lines, there is an image below the central image which is consisting of a sitting female painted yellow with pink clothes and a white necklace holding onto a feathery-leaf-like object in each upraised hand while a yellow bird-like figure is to her left.