About this object


One of a set originally painted in a spiral drawing book while Mungo Martin was in a Vancouver hospital in 1951.

Physical description

A yellow, red, green, and black sea otter with sea urchin on its stomach on a white background. The otter is lying on its back facing to the right side. Its black circle in circle eye is surrounded by a yellow area. Behind the eye, there is a black ovoid. The nostrils are red. The open red mouth shows teeth and two pairs of front fangs. The shoulder has an oval black eye and pupil surrounded by a green area flanked by a curving red line. The elbow has a black dot surrounded by a black circle. The upper arm has curving red and green lines. The lower arm is black. The black and white paw has five digit and a circle. The inward curving tail has a green ovoid, and is decorated wtih red dashed. The front of the body is accented with red and black dashes while the body itself remains black with evenly spaced dash lines on an angle along the outside of the body. The sea urchin has a black eye surrounded by a green area outlined by red with long red lines radiating from all around. Pen along the top reads words for 'sea otter' and 'sea egg'. The painting is horizontally rectangular.