Woman's Sarong

About this object


Textile purchased from a shop in Mae Sot that sells crafts made for the "Karen Women Organization Income Generation Project". The women making the textiles/crafts are confined to refugee camps in northern Thailand. They use traditional looms or backstrap weaving and natural dye techniques to produce various textiles, which are sold with "Karen Refugee Women Handicrafts" labels, through outside shops. Some traditional items have been adapted to modern forms, such as carrying bags (e.g., 3056/8), and the shops also sell T-shirts (e.g., 3056/9).

Physical description

Woman’s sarong. Thick panels on long sides are a blue green, while centre is densely patterned with lines of various thicknesses and colours, the thickest being black and green-white, and the thin ranging in colour from white, to black, green, red and pink. Selvedge is a dark green. Short ends have been roughly cut, resulting in a short, frayed fringe.