Wrapping Cloth

About this object

History of use

Used with the four corners folded to the center, like a small envelope. The attached cord holds the envelope closed. It contained objects 811/14 a-d, a make up case, when it was collected.

Cultural context

Used and made by women.

Physical description

Small embroidered square textile, made from white cotton textile, with multicoloured motifs worked in counted thread embroidery. The design field is divided into quadrants, each bearing a large, stylized floral motif; these motifs are identical in form but are varied in colours; two are red and blue, two are green and purple. Various smaller motifs are used to embellish the borders and the bars that separate the quadrants. A narrow hem on all four sides is finished with a zigzag stitch. A thin twisted fibre cord is attached to one corner. The textile is reversible; the two sides are almost identical.