About this object

History of use

Possible uses could have been one side of a dowry sack; or a covering for an offering.


Purchased by Milton and Beverly Israel while traveling in India.

Specific techniques

close herringbone stitch; interlacing stitch; buttonhole stitch; stem stitch; fly stitch

Physical description

A square of red cotton muslin embroidered with bold, multicoloured, circular motifs and bordered on three sides by geometric figures. The main design field is divided into four quadrants, each containing a large mandala of concentric circles worked in stem stitch and interlacing stitch, with a mirror in the centre of each circle. In the middle of the design field is a slightly larger mandala with a more elaborate centre containing a number of small mirrors. There are small, circular mirrors and square embroidered motifs scattered in a regular pattern over the red background. The edges are bound with black cotton gauze on all four sides. The embroidery is not underlined.