About this object


Obtained June 1958 Alert Bay. The mask was a product of a school carving program, that created art pieces to sell at local shops.

Cultural context

Made for sale.

Physical description

Unpainted wooden mask, only shallowly hollowed out at back. Face has wide eyebrows outlined by an engraved line. The eyes are also outlined, and are raised under the brow by rounded, projecting orbs. Under-brow curves around eyes and merges with straight projecting cheekbones. Nose projects between the eyes, but is flattened on the surface. Nostrils indicated by engraved lines. Lips drawn back, flattened on the surface. Mouth set in recess under cheekbones. Squared projecting chin. Dark patches in wood on forehead; underside of chin rough. Written in pencil inside is 'Godfrey Hunt Alert Bay.'