Physical description

Slightly boat-shaped rectangular basket box (part a) with a lid (part b) made of palm leaf overlaid with stiff woven grass of both dark brown and cream colour. Pattern resulting is a series of interlocking diamonds and zigzags. The base of both the basket and lid are a solid piece of wood sewn into the basket with fibre. The basket and lid have slightly convex long sides. The basket (part a) has two slats bound for the rim which are separated from the main design by a horizontal, black, braided edge. Main design consists of five lozenge patterns around the sides bofdered by counter-clock-wise pointing diagonal lines in dark and light brown. The lid (part b) has a longitudinal lozenge-patterned band with perpendicular zig zags at either side while the sides have a vertical zig zag pattern and are eded with black braids.