Tigua Painting

Physical description

Large Tigua painting in a painted frame depicting a wedding party. The canvas itself is formed by a piece of skin stretched and nailed to the back of a wooden frame. The front of the frame is painted with alternating blue and orange triangles. The interior of the frame is painted black. The artist’s name is painted in yellow paint along the bottom interior edge of the frame. In the background of the painting, there are green mountains set against a blue sky with black and yellow birds in it. There is also a large grey, yellow-white and orange snow-peaked mountain. In front of the mountains, the orange and brown land is speckled with black plants with yellow-white flowers. There are also six small houses with thatched roofs scattered throughout the landscape. They are painted various shades of yellow, brown, green and black. On the left side of the image, there is a black and green tree with a grey hooved animal tied to it with a long white and black rope. Near the middle of the painting, a black and white bull is tied to a tree with similar rope. Right of the bull, there is a grey, green and black tent. A procession of musicians walks from the right side of the image towards the centre. They wear ponchos with stripes around the arm holes, pants, wide-brimmed hats and long sleeved shirts. Their outfits vary in colour; the clothes and hats are blue, dark blue, green, yellow, red, purple, pink and light brown. The front two musicians carry black oboes with silver detailing. The musicians following the oboe players carry silver trumpets. Behind them, there is a tuba player and two drum players. Left of the procession, there is a yellow-white church with brown roof tiles. A priest in a yellow shirt, yellow-white robe and green and blue poncho stands in the doorway leading a wedding ceremony. A man in a light brown shirt and blue pants stands right of the priest. In front of the priest, there is a dark green table with a yellow-white ball on it, a yellow vases and a candle. A couple kneels before the table with their backs to the viewer. They have a purple blanket with purple flowers on it wrapped around their heads and fastened with a yellow string. A woman and a man holding candles approach the table from the left. There is a line of men and women behind them that curves around to the lower left corner of the painting. All of the figures in line hold hats in their hands. A man approaches the table with a candle on the right. Near the lower left corner of the church, there is a dark green table with two men and a woman sitting around it. The men wear hats and drink from black cups. There are two black bottles on the table. In the lower right corner of the image, men and women wearing hats celebrate and drink from black bottles. Also a couple with a white veil on top of their heads is being wrapped up with a black, yellow, purple and white rope. On each side of the couple, there is a man holding one end of the rope. There are also various people scattered throughout the scene with their backs to the viewer.