Roof Cross

Physical description

Iron roof cross. Traditionally, roof crosses are put on top of newly constructed houses for protection. The bottom of the cross is plain and has a pointed end. Above this section, there is a curved banner with the year stencilled through the metal. This banner is suspended between two angels in profile. The angels have black hair and shoes. Their wings and torso are painted pink and their skirts are red. They have their arms bent at the elbow, as if in prayer. Further up the cross, there is a gold, multi-tiered chalice. This chalice seems to have the sun emerging out of its top. At the intersection of the horizontal and vertical portions of the cross, there is a large red heart. This heart has a small, white cross emerging from the top of it. There are also yellow rays of sun extending outwards from behind the heart. On either end of the horizontal portion of the cross, there are grey shapes with hollow centres that resemble three leaf clovers. At the top of the cross there is a grey fleur de lis. There is a piece of tape on the back of the image with a number written on it.