Tigua Painting

Physical description

Small Tigua painting. The canvas is formed by a piece of skin stretched over a wooden frame. The image shows many people doing different tasks. The background is formed by three stone walls of the room and a portion of the thatched roof. Along the and side of the hut are string lines with coloured garments hanging on them. There is a door in the back wall near the right side that reveals green hills and blue snow-peaked mountains in the distance. In the back left corner a bed extendsdiagonally into the room. There are two people sitting in the bed wearing white blouses with their legs covered by a white blanket with black stitches. On either side of the bed is a person kneeling, wearing green shawls and touching hands with the person beside them. In front of the bed there is a round basket with bread in it atop a white cloth with a black cross-hatched pattern, and a bundle of grain in front of the basket. Right of the basket, there is a large pot with an orange rim and a body that is painted white with black cross-hatching. A man wearing a white wide-brimmed hat, a red shawl, white scarf and white pants kneels next to the pot and holds it in his hands. Behind the man in the red shawl, near the back right corner of the bed, a woman kneels next to an orange pot with a long neck. The pot has black cord tied around it, perhaps to harness it to a person’s back. The woman wears a white wide-brimmed hat, white and yellow scarf, blue shawl and blue skirt. Right of the woman, a man wearing a white wide-brimmed hat, red shawl, blue scarf, white pants and a white satchel strides as if he has just entered the door. In front of the woman and the man at the back of the room, there is a woman kneeling next to a low wide-brimmed orange pot. She wears a green wide-brimmed hat, yellow patterned scarf, blue shawl and black skirt. The woman touches the pot with her left hand. The pot seems to contain a pink fish swimming in water. A man in a white wide-brimmed hat, red shirt, orange shawl and white pants helps another man with a round white, yellow and black backpack. The man with the backpack wears a white wide-brimmed hat, grey shawl, orange shirt and white pants. In the lower right corner of the image, an orange pot with a long neck is surrounded by a white dog, three white piglets and two yellow chickens. On the back of the skin, there is a blue rectangle with white writing of the artist’s name, community and the date. A piece of string for hanging the painting is attached to the back of the frame with thumbtacks.