About this object

History of use

Spears were used as weapons in warfare, which traditionally occupied an important place in Fijian culture. Spears were also used in ceremonial dancing.


Said to have been purchased by Mr. Bond from A.M. Brodziak, Ltd., in Fiji.

Cultural context

warfare; ceremonial

Physical description

Dark brown wood, round in cross-section, with the shaft tapered to the butt, and carved from a single piece of wood. Conical point is smooth and carved with one longitudinal row of barbs 18-38 cm. from tip: one very long barb; six pyramidal and one elongated pyramidal barb; four pyramidal and one smaller elongated barb. Has six grooves, creating five upraised horizontal bands across the front. Three braided rattan sleeves each 7 cm. wide are 43-45.5 cm. from the tip.