About this object


Purchased by the donor's father-in-law from a shop in Victoria. The store owner acquired them at an auction.

Physical description

Female doll, in a standing position, made of cloth (part a). Doll has a separate cedar bark head ring (part b), lined with red cloth, with two strips of fuzzy white material trimming the top left and right edges, imitating fur. The facial features are embroidered with black thread. Two red diagonal lines decorate each cheek. Woman has long black braided hair, secured with light blue ties, and white beaded earrings. She is wearing a black button blanket, with a wide red border along the top, left and right edges. Central design is of a copper, done in red. White buttons outline the border and the copper. Underneath, she is wearing blue floral dress, with a lace collar, and a dark blue dance apron. Apron has a central design of three feather-shaped sequins, connected by a yellow and green beaded arch. Two rows of green and white beads, in a zigzag pattern, beneath central design. Hanging from the points of the zigzags are large white beads. Black lines embroidered along edges of hands, imitating fingers. She is wearing dark brown shoes.