About this object

Cultural context

worn by men

Physical description

Man’s vest made of tightly woven, fulled dark brown yak wool, decorated with multicoloured embroidery. The edges of the front opening, armholes and bottom are trimmed in the zigzag pattern made of appliquéd red cotton textile, outlined in yellow stitching. Embroidery patterns on the front and shoulders include scattered floral, tree of life and border motifs, while the back is solidly embroidered with several styles of stitchery and several kinds of motifs, including open work. The back edge of the neckline forms a V which is partially filled with a gusset made of embroidered cotton textile, and trimmed with small tassels. There are two layers of twisted wool fibre fringe (one short – 6.5 cm – and one long – 19 cm) at the bottom of the back of the vest.