About this object


Anna Billy of Squamish and Mount Currie suggests that this basket dates to the 1940s, since no one does this style of work anymore. She also noted the butterfly is a family design that is not used by other people outside of her family in the Mount Currie area. She suggests that her mother, Mary Jane Joe, may have made this tray, however the donor listed the maker as Matilda Joe.

Physical description

Twined, square basket with rim larger than base. Part b is a lid in the shape of a square pyramid with a flat tip and a lip that fits inside the bottom part. Two handles cross the basket; handles are of skin with root coiled around them; exterior is decorated with false embroidery; band of alternating brown and dark brown trees at rim; one brown and one dark brown moose ? on opposite sides; one brown and one dark brown butterfly ? on other opposing sides.