About this object

History of use

Carrying basket used for transporting and storing materials. It was carried on the back with a head or breast strap. Every household had at least one. They were used to carry a wide variety of goods and materials, such as water, stones, firewood, roots, fruits, seeds, textile materials, fish and game. Women and girls both made and used these baskets. Family wealth was partially correlated to the number and quality of these baskets. It was a great asset for a women to be able to produce high quality baskets.


Designs originally depicted legends, now depend on the buyers taste. Symbols relate to aspects of Interior Salish cosmology. This Lillooet style basket was given to Prof. Borden by Christina Charles who came from Squamish and lived at Musqueam. It was collected between 1940 and 1978.

Physical description

Coiled (with bifurcated stitches) basket with handles and raised foot. Imbrication of red cherry bark along rim and beaded along foot of red cherry bark. Imbricated repeating pattern of three arrows in orange/brown, yellow and black. alternating in checks forming upside down triangles.