About this object


This garment is Macedonian in style, even though it was collected in Serbia. It may have originally come from around the village of Bitolj (Bitola), Macedonia. It was purchased from a peasant woman who needed money. Francis Sumner, the donor's brother, gave it to the donor on the occasion of her marriage (July 31, 1915) to a member of the 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles from B.C.

Physical description

Long cream cotton shirt with embroidery. The shirt has a small standing collar, deep v-neck opening, long sleeves and flared bottom half. The panels of embroidery cover the collar, v-neck opening, sleeve ends and bottom hem. The panels have a geometric design in red-orange, black and off-white, worked with tightly twisted wool thread. Some of the embroidery around the front opening has been removed; at one time there was a tuck around the waist and sleeves, to shorten the garment, and traces of hand stitching remain. All seams are hand-sewn. The inner collar and sleeve edges are lined with red cotton; the rest is unlined.