About this object

History of use

Used by men and women, perhaps tied to belt. Woven by women, sometimes men.


The collector, Nellie Taylor, served as a nursing missionary (1900-1920), first with the Ovimbundu at Bihe, then with the Chokwe at luma Kasai. She belonged to a group who sponsored several missions across Central Africa from 1881-1931.

Cultural context


Physical description

Alternating light yellow brown grass and brown fibre woven on wood slat warps form relatively flat, rectangular pouch which tapers to fitted, overlapping lid of same weave. Parallel, spaced, woven, brown fibre bands, three on pouch, three on lid, decorate circumference of both. Ends also woven in brown fibre and lid attached to pouch by twisted brown fibre cord which passes through and is knotted on two loops of pouch and two on lid, slack forming handle.