Physical description

Handspun and woven brown cloth bag lined in light yellow cotton, with a pocket on the inside. Hand-woven cotton belt, in light red, light yellow, white, light green, and purple striped pattern sewn onto sides of bag and forms the handle. Bag embroidered in silk and darn stitch. Patterns on one side is divided into large diamonds, in white, light green and dark pink, all on yellow band, divided from other pattern of diagonal rows of alternating colours, in white, yellow, light green, and hot pink. Pattern across bottom section is stylized shapes embroidered in yellow, white, yellow, and light green. Other side of bag has row of chevrons at opening, in dark pink, white, and light green and yellow between these colours. Large section of light green and orange divided by dark pink intersecting diagonal lines and straight lines. Another band of chevrons, and pattern along the bottom of bag are short diagonal lines with horizontal lines between. Blue glass beads and green fibre tassel on one bottom corner, white glass beads and green fibre tassel on other.