gyaaGang (Model Totem Pole)

About this object


Original record said: "This pole is a fine example of the distinctive style of Tom Price." Later research by Bill Holm and Robin Wright suggest it is the work of the "Chicago Settee" artist, Zacherias Nicolas.

Physical description

A model totem pole with a concave back depicting a humanoid with wing ? elements below, a beaked frog-like creature, and a mammal-like creature with claws (from bottom to top). The humanoid has circular black eyes surrounded by a plain tapering oval with black brows above, a triangular nose, a pair of red u forms on either cheek, and a slightly parted red mouth with wing ? elements below consisting of a pair of inverted split u's a black ovoid in ovoid, a split u, and a red s shape with a green area below at either side. The frog-like creature has circular black eyes and a green body with its tail in the mouth of the mammal-like creature above. The mammal-like creature above has circular black eyes surrounded by a plain tapering oval and a green area with black brows above and four inverted split u's within black u forms above around the head, a triangular nose, an open red mouth, and four digit claws holding the body of the frog below. At the top back there is a nail at either side with white string attached.