gyaaGang (Model Totem Pole)

Physical description

A model totem pole depicting a beaver, a frog, and a bird (from bottom to top). The beaver's oval black eyes are surrounded by a tapering green oval with black brows above, split u ears, a red nose, and an open red mouth showing six plain teeth and two front buck teeth. The beaver's body is red with vertical black dashes as the plain black cross hatched tail is curving around to the top front, and there are curling inward bent limbs with four black digits on the forepaws and three black digit on the back paws. The frog has black circle in circle in tapering oval eyes with black brows above, red nostrils, a closed mouth, a green body decorated with black dots, and three black digit paws. The bird has circular black eyes surrounded by a tapering green oval, a red lined beak, two-feathered black side wings that have an ovoid in ovoid and a pair of u forms along the upper part, and red legs with three black digit claws. Three nails attach pole to a rectangular base.