The Transformer

About this object

Cultural context

contemporary art

Physical description

Carved argillite sculpture (parts a-b) consisting of three dimensional dancing raven/human transformation figure (part a), holding a red catlinite rattle (part b). Figure has a human-like face with nose and mouth features. The ears, cheeks and eyes have a bird quality. Attached to the chin is Raven’s beak that points downwards. The figure has a human chest and is wearing an apron around his waist with a bear incised into it. The legs are talons on top of human feet. The hands are outstretched and the right one holds a rattle. The figure is wrapped in large wings that hold the face of a halibut. The tail feathers act as a blanket to a seated man wearing a five ringed potlatch hat decorated with the face of a halibut. The small figure also has an incised moustache but is wearing a labret and has inlaid ivory eyes. The rattle (part b) has two differing figures; one of a hawk, the other the sun? Each has inlaid abalone eyes. Inscription the bottom of the base reads: ‘CW 85’.