About this object

History of use

One of atlhaq!im masks (Bill Holm). Calls out other dancers in Atlhaq!im series.


Made in a hurry from boards, intended to be burned after 4th usage (M. Martin, 1950).

Iconographic meaning

Mask of an announcer, xylmsalixyilh. "Salmon" (B. Scow, 1966).

Physical description

Mask with angular face, protruding eyes and recessed eye sockets, hooked nose and protruding lips. Small cedar bark fringe on forehead. Tha mask is painted white with heavy black eyebrows separated by red, black eye pupils and rims, a red scalloped design beside the eyes, black over the top of the nose, red nostrils and lips, black and red curved lines to the sides of the mouth and over the cheeks, and black at the jawline. Short cedar bark fringe attached at top of forehead. Off-white cord attached at back of mask.