About this object

History of use

Possibly for use in Tla'sala. See Bill Holm ("Crooked Beak of Heaven...", 1972, pp. 43-44).

Iconographic meaning

Represents Raven, Gwa'wina.

Physical description

Carved, wooden, baby raven ? mask with a short beak and s-shaped cutout nostrils. The beak is hinged with pieces of leather on either side, nailed to the jaw. The beak and nostrils are painted black with red edging. The eyes are red, outlined in black on a green, ovoid shaped background; brow is black. There is a crescent shaped cut out of the bottom of the beak. Attached with staples to the top, back and bottom rim is a blue cloth hangs down to cover the body of the wearer. The inside of the mask is hollow with the exception of an attached twine cord that assistants the beak in opening and shutting. The mask is painted black, red and green with Northwest Coast stylized designs.