About this object

History of use

Ground Preparer mask in the Atlakā€™am series.


Northwest Coast collection was developed over several decades by Dr. Mackay.

Physical description

Mask (a) with flat top that has four feathers (b-e) inserted into a circular drilled hole at the top centre and is painted white with black and red details. The narrow forehead has large straight black eyebrows. The mask also has small semi-circular eye holes, a hooked nose with rounded semi-circular nostrils, a pursed protruding open mouth, a pointed chin, three crescentic ridged lines from the sides of the nose to the upper side rims. Two curved ridged lines and one painted line extend from mouth to temple, and there is a solid jaw line along side rims from temple to chin. On the reverse, grey-green cord has been looped and knotted through double holes drilled at centre top and on each side rim. Inscription.